Wedding Master of Ceremonies (MC)At a wedding, the MC role is absolutely crucial. I’ve seen weddings turn into a complete shambles because the MC didn’t keep track of the timeline, didn’t roll with the changes, didn’t keep all of the involved parties informed before he made announcements and missed vital cues. The biggest mistake that inexperienced Masters of Ceremonies make is to miss opportunities to make the day amazing.

I’ve seen just too many wasted chances to create incredible memories for the couple and their guests at the hands of MCs who were ‘great public speakers’, or who had ‘the gift of the gab’. I’ve seen favourite uncles introduce newly-weds as ‘the Bride and Groom’ for their introduction into the room, rather than using their names. I’ve witnessed some of the most painful and awkward moments as inexperienced amateur MCs try to make jokes that simply aren’t funny, especially one time at the expense of the Bride.

What is the role of the wedding MC?

Generally speaking, the Master of Ceremonies is there to facilitate and direct the flow of the wedding reception. They are there to ensure that everyone is informed as to what is coming up next, what the house rules are, perform introductions, liaise with all of the people who are involved in the various elements on the day (such as caterers, venue, photographers, videographers, DJ, band, wedding planner), and most of all to make sure that the newlywed couple, their wedding party, parents and guests know what is coming up next. They are there to make sure that the timeline is managed, that unexpected changed are handled efficiently and discreetly, and to help the couple and the guests enjoy their day in a stress-free manner.

It is generally the wedding MC’s job to make speeches, tell jokes or make the day about themselves. It is certainly not the MC’s job to embarass people, although too many wedding MCs seem to think that this is a prerequisite.

An understanding of event and wedding etiquette is essential. The ability to prepare a detailed run sheet and share it with event professionals is a desirable attribute. Great microphone technique is a huge advantage. Above all else, understanding how to identify opportunities to create wonderful memories and special moments is the hallmark of a great wedding MC.