Some of my clients want a band or have their own DJ for their wedding or other celebration, but need an MC to direct the flow of the day, as well as coordinate, liaise and guide guests and other wedding professionals. They need someone who is completely in control of proceedings and can help everyone relax and enjoy the day without stress or complications.

For the most part, this role has only been offered as part of my DJ entertainment and sound services, but increasingly I’m being asked to act as MC without playing the music later. This is also an offering that will help out those having an afternoon wedding without a traditional dance.

It’s going to be difficult to express how I operate as MC at weddings without a meeting or at least a proper phone consultation. Perhaps the best thing to do might be to quote someone who recently critiqued my performance recently at a wedding in Queenstown. This person had seen me working as a DJ once or twice about 15 years earlier at corporate parties, but had never seen or heard me as Master of Ceremonies.

She said;

  • Your voice is very commanding but in a friendly, take-charge tone. People have to stop and listen.
  • Your personality inspires a fun, I’ve got it under control attitude.
  • The Grand Entrance was very well done…
  • I think doing this having the wedding party appear one by one and have a wee story told about them was genius. Even though it put that person in the spotlight you did it with such good humour they could only laugh not take offence.
  • Once we moved passed the grand entrance, I have to say your attention to instructing the groom, bride and others was amazing. I’ve personally never seen anything like that and I would totally want somebody like you at my wedding.  I actually don’t think there would be many people that could say “I’m your MC for the night and later will be your DJ’. Personally I think that is awesome.
  • You were on the move all night, making sure everything was working, how things sounded, that people were doing what they were supposed to do. You handled the groom’s precise requests, kept an eye on everyone, read the crowd and liaised with the staff and the photographer.
  • When it came to speeches, I know you had instructed them all about what to do…but you can only lead a horse to water. Most horses behaved well and you controlled it well by grabbing the microphones off them in good time. You controlled it well.
  • I’m sorry if you were looking for lots of bad feedback, but I can’t give it. I’ve tried. I can only give what I think and given that I’m the general public I hope you listen to me. If you want other constructive feedback you probably want another DJ. You do a fantastic job. Your personality is a huge thing!

My approach to the role of MC is to guide, inform, direct and assist. I do this with attention to detail, awareness of the schedule, an in-depth understanding and experience of wedding protocols and dynamics and the trained eye of an entertainer with 28 years of helping couples celebrate their wedding. Using information from my Wedding Reception Planner and with the knowledge you can read about in my free Guide to being a great MC, I create a personalised, fun event that isn’t about me- it’s about my clients and their guests.

My pricing for ceremony, cocktails & canapés and MC/DJ services usually ranges between $2500 and $4000. My price to offer my professional MC services on their own starts at $1800.